Our Services

As a full financial planning firm, we believe that our recommendations to you be made within the context of your own unique circumstances and life goals. To accomplish this, we keep in mind "the big picture" of what you wish to achieve, while delving into the details that characterize your current personal situation.

We believe that in order to be effective, we need to follow the professional financial planning process, which consists of gathering your pertinent financial data, defining your goals, developing and implementing a strategy to meet your objectives, and monitoring the progress of your plan. This approach enables us to make strategic adjustments to your plans as you experience life changes, increasing the odds that your goals will be achieved.

Using the latest technology and software, we are equipped to provide you with reports and analyses that aid us in making financial decisions. Several of the reports that we utilitze are:

1) Retirement Capital Projections - to determine the amount of assets needed at various assumed rates of return to meet your lifetime income needs;

2) Minimum Required Distributions - to estimate the annual distributions you are required to take from qualified retirement plans beginning at age 70 1/2;

3)Portfolio Analysis - to produce an "x-ray" view of your combined assets to determine the proper composition and mix of asset classes.

In summary, we at Surety Investments Services are here to assist you in attaining financial security. We place your best interests at the center of our mutual relationship, and we take seriously our role as fiduciaries for your financial welfare.